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World's Fastest Location-Based Big Data Engine
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Add social layer to existing map service to enhance the static map with extral dimensions.
What: Social contents make the map live and real-time
When: Timeline enables historical story telling
Where: Location-Based analytics for any regions (from global level to street corner)
Who: Discover global social users’ activities and behaviors.
Currently maps from Google, Apple, Mapbox, Mapquest, Here,高德,and 百度 are supported.
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Discover how Starbucks is trending on social media
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Discover what people talk about Starbucks and engage them
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Export all users talking about Starbucks within certain region for further analysis
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Advertising to exported users
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Locus Engine processes any location-based data, which includes data generated by sensors. Locus is IoT ready with a high performance MQTT platform and smart machine learning algorithms.
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Powerful APIs are provided for business users. Please contact us for details.