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Locus Social

World's Fastest Location-Based Big Data Engine


Locus Social developed the world’s fastest location-based big data engine. We provide application and service to individual, organizations and government.

We are able to analyze real-time data, and visualize location-based data by creating different levels of layers on maps. Products are based on locus engine for different needs.




Zoom Social

Get the best, real-time worldwide trendings based on tiles and locations.

Eye opening. With a shake of phone I get to know what's going on around me… What's hot and what's not, to see pictures real time and to interact with other folks. It loads fast - literally faster than all social apps I've experienced before with iPhone

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Discover how Starbucks is trending on social media


Discover what people talk about Starbucks and engage them


Export all users talking about Starbucks within certain region for further analysis


Also, check out the online version to get the lastest trendings around the world.

  • Add data layer to existing map services

  • Make static maps dynamic, live and data-centric

  • Compatible with major maps

  • Online Version


Atilas real-time map

      Real-time processing and rendering for Maps

      Seconds from drone-generated photos to maps

      Seconds from satellite images to maps

      Machine learning and Timeline built-in for map analysis

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Smart City

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